Sandra Bland Arrest Video Appears Edited

The police action in this country has gone too far.


Police dashboard video showing the arrest of Sandra Bland in Prairie View, Texas released Tuesday evening includes a number of continuity issues raising questions about whether the video was altered before its release.

The Texas Department of Public Safety told TIME Wednesday that an error uploading the video had affected parts of the footage and a new version would be released.

The July 10 arrest video shows a confrontation escalate quickly from a traffic stop for failing to signal to a heated arrest. In the 52-minute video, Bland first contests the ticket and the officer replies swiftly with arrest, pulling out a taser and threatening to “light you up.” The actual arrest captured audio, not video, of the actual arrest, which occurred on the side of the road.


But hours after the Texas Department of Public Safety posted the video, viewers pointed to a number of glaring continuity issues…

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They Say, You Gaslight: “Sidewalk Counseling” at Its Worst


I’m going to be late for my doctor’s appointment messing around with this nonsense, but this was too good to pass up, y’all.

It’s another one of those “Feminace Rips Apart Some BS Pro-Life Screed”, but this has a special twist – I’m “supporting” local talent.  Yes, cats and kittens, a friend shared a screed, and I read it and recognized the names as being two of THE WORST of our protesters.

It’s a how-to guide about responding to the myriad objections people give when these fuckers start harassing them, and since I’m not allowed to engage while in the vest and on the sidewalk, I’m not going to let this opportunity pass me by.  Oh no.

First, just read this shit.  It’s short, don’t worry. Don’t read while driving, or drinking anything or eating anything less you choke or spill or crash.  Got it?  Good.

Where do we even…

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