Thank you for taking to the time to put this video together. I believe there are a lot of parents out there who would like to see their children acquire the skills to safely navigate our increasingly congested roads.
I became an LCI #4599 this past year and I am hoping to get people involved in cycling education for children. I believe that children who are responsible bicycle riders will become responsible drivers. With 2.5K teenagers (ages 16-19) killed per year due to poor driving skills, something has to be done to help these kids understand how important it is to operate safely. The bicycle is the perfect tool for establishing good driving habits well before they are ready for a license.


The above video was recently uploaded to Vimeo. The shot above shows Theresa James, then 10-1/4, leading two other students (off-screen uphill) in a bike education class as she heads south on N. Elizabeth Ave., Ferguson, Missouri, preparing for a left-turn onto Hudson Road.

I taped this originally using a Panasonic PV-43 VHS camcorder weighing 2 lbs. during the on-road part of a comprehensive class I taught in September-October 2000. This was after classroom sessions which included discussion of crash statistics, bike mechanics and adjustment, and video and PowerPoint presentations, followed by bike handling and crash avoidance practice in a large parking lot. Four students enrolled initially. Theresa, 13-year-old Annie, and Sarah, 15, were the three oldest of four sisters from the James family in Ferguson, joined by Verna, an adult living in St. Louis.

Sarah dropped out during the parking lot practice. She had been persuaded to enroll by…

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