Tyler has been trying to get something, anything done for over 3 years.

Let’s lend him a hand.

Update: These emails work.
easton at vaxxine.com bruce.timms at niagararegion.ca rick.dykstra at parl.gc.ca petar.vujic at niagararegion.ca, mark.slade at niagararegion.ca, jackie.gervais at niagararegion.ca, phil.bergen at niagararegion.ca

Action Alert:

Please take a moment to write a letter to
Associate Director (A), Public Works Strategic Projects Public Works Department Niagara Region
2201 St. David’s Rd. West, P.O. Box 1042, Thorold, Ont., L2V 4T7 Phone: 905-685-4225 ext. 3400 Toll-free: 1-800-263-7215

This region has an email client through their website. Which can be really confusing for someone to try and figure out which selection is the correct selection to send an email to.

Here is how I solved that.

Go to http://www.niagararegion.ca/ it is the blue hyperlink above. At the top of the page click on contact us. It is on the very top in the black header bar.

In the subject drop down menu select “Development Services”. Fill in the information and write your letter. Send it.

I have sent her an email and if everyone can take a moment to ask her to support Tyler Pelletier in creating a safer cycle route and community. I also mentioned that cycling groups like to drop a lot of money when they come through as tourists and that any money spent on improvements should be viewed as an investment in their regions future prosperity.

This is what he has to cycle through.

10936835_10155037148310462_518220404_oHe is concerned about lighting issues along this corridor. 

Tyler knows that the safest position is fully in the lane. This however sets him up for motorist harassment and he would like cycle tracks installed. It’s what he wants.

10937320_10155037148480462_1149108695_n Taking the lane is the only viable position here. Not everyone wants to do this. I understand that and since his community spends thousands of dollars on making driver better. They should also invest a few thousand to make cycling better. 10750152_10155037122930462_674377142534715630_o

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