Bicycle lanes encourage unsafe riding behavior. More bicyclists, driving their bicycles, according to the rules of the road, make for safer streets.

Bicycles on the road are not the problem and do not need to be separated from other road users.

Other road users need to calm their tits down and drive like human beings.

If that is not possible then it is time to start taking cars away from people.


But even saurian brains can’t be that small. Bikes must occasionally leave bike lanes, just as buses occasionally leave bus lanes. And although rudeness and stupidity are as common among cyclists as others, a few random failures do not a catastrophe make.

Plus, they’re popular where it counts. If city voters didn’t support bike lanes they wouldn’t keep increasing the majority of the administration that created them. (Yes, more on this in a couple of weeks.)

So is the state just playing to a different audience? Is all this cycle-rage chest-beating really aimed at the talkback sector, out beyond the bike line? [Stock & Land]

So this is just a piece of a much larger article, but I gotta say I’m confused. If bike lanes weren’t popular people wouldn’t keep re-electing the administration that creates them? I…dude, do you seriously think that’s the issue people are voting…

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