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A lot of states have removed Drivers ED from the High School curriculum. So how are our kids learning to drive?

Our children learn to drive by observing us as we operate our vehicle.

Hopefully we are good drivers.


What if we are not?

What if we are the type of driver that runs a red light and then laughs and says “Well, at least the cops aren’t around.”, What if we are that kind of driver?

Putting out the message, whether subtle or overt,  that driving is something you do with little or no care as to the responsibility of operating two tons of potential death is creating a slew of dangerous drivers.

The CDC puts 5 to 34 year olds number one cause of death firmly at the fault of dangerous driving. CDC on injuries and death.

Let’s face it. We treat our automobile like it is a play thing. We treat our Public Roads as a play ground and our Automobile as a toy. We run around bullying Other Road Users. Honking our horn, not to warn of impending danger but to shout at Other Road Users. Driving the message home that we don’t like you and we feel that you should be punished for displeasing us.

So how do we teach our kids to drive?

We teach them to have respect for others and how to follow the rules of the road by putting them on a bicycle. We take them out and we educate them on how to stop, yield, maintain a lane, and how to interact safely with automobiles.

Drive your bicycle!

The same basic rules that apply to an automobile apply to a bicycle.

1.Stop at red light

2.Stop at stop signs

3. Stay in your lane

4. Operate on the Right side of the road.

5. Do not tailgate other vehicles.

6. Signal your turns and lane changes.

Bicycles pre-date the automobile and are over looked as a useful tool in teaching children how to safely operate a vehicle on the road.

Hand Signals are used when you don’t have signal lights.

Get yourself and your kids bicycles and teach them the basic rules of the road.


Did you know that occupying as much of the lane as possible is a Safe, Predictable, and Courteous form of Non-Verbal communication?

Did you also know that it is legally required by UVC (Uniform Vehicle Code) and State Statutes.


Roads were not built for cars.

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