Under my Skin

Creative Bike Art  We all have our pet peeves.

Motorists who merge in front of us with out signaling. Motorists who dart out in front of us as we are approaching.  Every Motorist has done it and in return they have received an abrupt HONK! or a string of EXPLETIVES!

When we see this it irks us and then it is over and we mentally adjust and move on. We don’t start looking at every motorist around us as a potential conflict. No, We think “That ONE Jerk!” that one is the one who broke our enjoyment of the road. Then we dismiss them from our minds.

But when this happens to us and it is done by a pedestrian or “Other” road user something different happens. We fall back on our primal instincts and mentally create an “Us V. Them” attitude.

Those Scofflaw Pedestrians! Just stepped right out in front of us. Then we start scanning for another one. Because where there is one, there is likely another. We start thinking about how they shouldn’t do that. How they are going to get themselves killed. Our blood boils and we forget that just like the Scofflaw Motorist not every Pedestrian is a Scofflaw.

Those Scofflaw Cyclists! They are on the road! They are in the lane! They are running a red light! Wait a second…. Back up. Only one of those is a Scofflaw action.

Did you see where your mind went?

A lot of this is about perspective. The idea that if anything is on the road that is not an Automobile it is just WRONG to be there.

That is the mentality we have to guard ourselves from.

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Pedestrians are king of the road. They are the most vulnerable road user and therefore require the most protection.

When you get into your car, remember that it is a transportation tool. Nothing more and nothing less. Use it wisely.  The same holds true for your Bicycle. It, like an automobile, is a tool for transportation.

Adjust your mental gears and remember that just like Motorists, not all Pedestrians and Cyclists are Scofflaws.

When it comes to other road users, We have our pet peeves too.




Lane Control

Lane Control: What it is.

The ability of a vehicle operator to stay in their lane and discourage the illegal shared use of a single lane of traffic. All drivers of vehicles are required to maintain their lane. Failure to maintain your lane could result in a traffic ticket

Failure to Maintain a Lane

So when you are riding a bicycle and the lane is less than 14 feet, you need to be smack dab in the middle of the lane. 

Cycling Savvy has a plethora of information for Safe, Smart, and Effective bicycle driving. 

A lot of cyclists worry about the perception of motorists in regards to cyclists who control the lane. 

I can understand the concern. 

If anyone is going to harass a cyclist it is more likely to be someone who would harass any road user who didn’t operate their vehicle to the harassers satisfaction. 

There is just no pleasing some people. 

Controlling the lane is about safety and visual communication. By placing yourself in the center you are physically communicating to approaching motorists that they need to change lanes to pass. The sooner they react, the sooner they can move over, and the less time they will waste in maneuvering around you. 

The other reason you control a lane is to discourage close passes and potential motor vehicle/bicycle side swipes. Getting struck on the side is a far more common motorist on cyclist accident than being struck from behind. 

Examples of the different types of Motorist on Cyclist crashes can be found by clicking on “How to not get hit by a car“.

Lane Control will help you become a more confident cyclist and will reduce a lot of traffic conflicts that frighten most cyclists into staying off the road all together. 

Above all else remember to relax, smile, and enjoy your commute.